What is Peers

Peers is a member-driven organization that supports the sharing economy movement. We believe that by sharing what we already have — like cars, homes, skills and time — everyone benefits in the process.

The sharing economy is helping us pay the bills, work flexible hours, meet new people or spend more time with our families. We think it’s how the 21st century economy should work, so we’re coming together to grow, mainstream and protect the sharing economy.

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We share our cars, homes, skills and time. Sharing creates new value, giving us more flexibility and extra income. Consuming directly from people we can trust is more affordable, more social, and less wasteful.

We educate our peers and community leaders about the benefits of sharing. Together, we can help protect and grow the sharing economy. Our strength is in numbers.

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Why we share

We’re moving from a world where we’re organized around ownership to one organized around access to assets. Lisa Gansky

Peers brings together diverse participants from across the peer and sharing economy movement. Members include people involved in the following communities, companies and organizations. If you are part of an organization that would like to partner with Peers and support its mission, drop us a line at partners@peers.org